Welcome to I Love Cape Cod Because…

I Love Cape Cod Because…it’s always been more than the address where I live or the place where I’m from.  Like a parent or sibling, Cape Cod has always been an embracing presence. And, much like Cape Cod’s shifting sands are shaped and rearranged by the sea, my life has been continually shaped and rearranged through living here.

Over the years, I’ve been amazed by how far Cape Cod’s presence expands beyond its geographical boundaries. No matter where in the world I travel, my home is known. Whether it’s through our maritime history, immortalized in an old seafaring song I sang as a child, “Cape Cod girls they have no combs, they comb their hair with cod fish bones….,” or through iconic pictures of a young President Kennedy tossing a football on his Hyannisport beach or the kitschy Patty Page tune that was once sung to me on the ferry from Brindisi by a young Greek sailor who spoke very little English, “Are you fond of sand dunes and salty air….,” Cape Cod is a treasured place globally, even for many who have never physically traveled here.

In college I took a course in Human Geography, an exploration of our psychological relationship to place. During one lecture, the professor projected on the wall a series of maps of the United States drawn to represent the perceptual landscapes of the people from different regions of the country. Much like the popular “New Yorker’s Map of the World” which shows NYC looming large and the rest of the world small, each region’s perceptual map portrayed their part of the country as significantly larger than all the rest – with one exception. Every region’s map displayed Cape Cod sticking out of the East Coast the size of Florida.

“No wonder the Bridges are backed up for miles every weekend,” I thought. “In so many ways, we’re much bigger than we really are!”

I Love Cape Cod Because is dedicated to celebrating all of the many reasons we love Cape Cod. We will share information about outdoor activities, arts & entertainment, local history, and easy day trips. We will also share personal Cape Cod memories that attempt to capture the essence of this place. And, because much of what we love about Cape Cod is shared with many others, we invite you to join our conversation. Please comment on our information posts and offer your suggestions. And we invite you to share some of your treasured Cape Cod memories. Because….as corny as the song may be, we are all fond of sand dunes and salty air. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!