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Off Road from the Bike Path

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Not only does the Shining Sea Bikeway offer a paved path away from the speeding traffic of the main roads, but also nature trails. If you take a mountain bike down the bike path, you will not be sorry that you chose your wider tires for this trip (or rented a mountain bike from the various bike shops around). Off of the main paved path, there are some amazing packed dirt trails that let you get up close and personal with nature. One of these paths is located only 1 mile down the bike path from The Beach Rose Inn which is the sprawling 49 acre Bourne Farm owned by the Salt Pond Bird Areas Sanctuaries, inc. These trails are also great for hiking, nature walks, trail running and Mountain Biking. Whichever route you choose, you will not be sorry as they all offer spectacular sites.

You can view the location of these trails/paths and others on the following map: Shining Sea Bikeway Map & Points of Interest

I have had the pleasure of taking some random turns on these dirt paths and have discovered some great secret areas, after some twists and turns of the path to arrive upon a lake that seems to be tucked away from the main routes. There are also more than just hidden lakes to be discovered when traversing on these dirt roads. There are also aplenty of stone benches tucked neatly into corners that come in handy for sitting upon when taking a water break or for a picnic and to look at the green nature scenery in the summer or the magnificently colored autumn foliage with the various shades of yellows, reds, oranges, auburns in the fall.

One of the bonuses of these off road paths are that they all lead back to the Shining Sea Bike way so getting lost is never an issue. No matter which direction you chose on the path you will eventually be led back to the paved bike path making it easier not to have to lug around all the ‘wilderness’ gear like maps, compasses, and the always modern GPS systems. Although, these trails do offer the best opportunity to test out any such equipment.

And remember when biking “…repeat a mantra of the day’s sensations:  bright sun, blue sky, warm breeze, blue jay’s call, ice melting and so on.  This helps me transcend the traffic, ignore the clamorings of work, leave all the mind theaters behind and focus on nature instead.  I still must abide by the rules of the road, of biking, of gravity.  But I am mentally far away from civilization.  The world is breaking someone else’s heart.”  ~Diane Ackerman


Saturday, July 11th, 2009

A great way to get out onto the water, cool off from the sun, and view the spectacular ocean views that Cape Cod has to offer. As soon as you are on the water, the Cape Cod beach views are not obstructed by high rise developments, like some other coastal communities. Despite growth over the past few decades, that authentic New England look remains in tact. What better way to appreciate Cape Cod then from the water?

Whether a beginner with no equipment or a seasoned kayaker, Falmouth offers some of the most diverse Kayaking locations around. Tours are available for those who would like to have a seasoned expert & naturists guide you through these superb spots. In the immediate area you can choose to kayak in the:

o OceanThe Beach Rose Inn
o Bay
o Marshes
o Harbors
o Coves
o Salt Ponds
o Lakes
o Rivers

If you are interested in taking a guided tour, there are numerous tours to take. Great Marsh Kayak Tours provides a Kayak to rent and offers guided tours (during the Summer & Winter) such as the Sunset Spectacular Tour, Naturalists Dream Tour, Tidal Tour, and a Fantastic Fly Fishing Tour through areas such as Scorton Creek, Barnstable Harbor, Cotuit Bay, Mashpee River, Bass River, and Parker River.

Another option is Cape Cod Kayak which offers kayak rentals, guided tours (summer & winter), and kayaks & accessories for purchase. Each day offers a tour to a different location and range from a few hours to a full day tour. These tours take you to various islands such as Toby Island, Bassetts Island, or to Monks Cove, West Falmouth Harbor, and other locations. Check out some of Robert Manz Photos of Monks Cove and Cape Cod (Photos by Robert Manz of Cape Cod)

If you own your own equipment and are just looking for places to launch the kayak into the water, take a look below at the list of local public boat ramps and directions to get there.

No matter if you take a guided tour or go out on your own, Cape Cod is guaranteed to have some serene panoramic landscape views from the water.



1. GREAT HARBOR RAMP: (Woods Hole) Take Main Street (Route 28) towards Palmer Avenue, bear left at the Village Green onto North Main St. Take a left at the flashing light onto Locust Street. At the traffic lights continue straight onto Woods Hole Road. Bear right at the next fork in the road onto Water Street. Continue over the drawbridge to the end where you are forced to turn right onto Albatross Street. The boat ramp will be on your left just after the Aquarium building. One spot loading and unloading only, permit parking only on dock. No parking spaces available. (Town Ramp)

2. FALMOUTH HARBOR RAMP: (Downtown Falmouth) Take Main Street (Route 28) At the 7-Eleven turn onto Scranton Avenue, until you pass the Windfall Market on your right. Take a left into the next paved parking lot (just before Marina Park and the Band Shell). Ramp is located on the other side of the Harbormaster garage with parking available in the upper level of the parking lot. No overnight parking allowed. (State OFB & Town Ramp)

3. LEFERVE BOAT RAMP: Harrington Street (Teaticket) Teaticket Highway (Route 28) toward East Falmouth. Take right at the traffic light at Maravista Avenue Extension. Travel straight through two flashing yellow lights. After the second flashing light take next left onto Harrington Street. Boat ramp is at the end of the street to the right. No parking either side of Harrington St., no parking on northeast shoulder of ramp (turning area), no parking 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Limited number of parking spaces available. (State OFB & Town Ramp)

4. GREEN POND LANDING: (East Falmouth) Take East Falmouth Highway (Route 28) toward Mashpee. Take a right onto Davisville Rd at the lights. At the stop sign at the end of Davisville, take a right onto Menauhant Rd. Ramp is on your left just before the Green Pond Bridge. No vessels over 24 feet. No overnight parking, permit parking in designated areas, no parking 2:00 pm to 5:00 am. (State OFB & Town Ramp)

5. WHITE’S LANDING (also known as Child’s River Ramp): (East Falmouth) East Falmouth Highway (Route 28) toward Mashpee. Pass Seacoast Shores Blvd, next right onto White’s Landing Road. Ramp is at the end of the road on your left. No parking on White’s Landing Rd. or ramp area. Parking is available in large dirt parking lot next to highway. Overnight parking allowed, attached trailers only. Lot is open and not secured at night. (State OFB & Town Ramp)

6. WAQUOIT BAY LANDING: (East Falmouth) East Falmouth Highway (Route 28) toward Mashpee. Pass Edwards Boatyard on your right, take next right onto Waquoit Landing Rd. Follow the bend, continue left on Waquoit Landing Road. Take next left after Yacht Club onto Town Landing Rd. Ramp is at the end of the road. There is no parking either side to Town Landing Rd. Cars must park in lot; when lot is full, park at White’s Landing. Permit parking only 2:00 am to 4:00 am. (State OFB & Town Ramp)

7. MEGANSETT HARBOR LANDING: (North Falmouth) Take Route 151 North Falmouth exit off Route 28. At the bottom of the ramp head toward North Falmouth. At the traffic lights continue straight onto County Road. At the red flashing light continue straight. At the three-way intersection (after the ball field) continue straight. Boat ramp will be at the end of the road in between the dock and the beach parking lot. No parking on County Rd, No parking between 2:00 am and 4:00 am. No trailer parking Memorial Day to Labor Day. (State OFB & Town Ramp)

8. WEST FALMOUTH HARBOR LANDING: (West Falmouth) Take Brick Kiln Rd exit off Route 28. At the bottom of the exit ramp head toward West Falmouth. Take a right at the flashing yellow light onto West Falmouth Highway (Route 28A). Take your 2nd left onto Old Dock Road (across from the West Falmouth Market). Go over railroad tracks and ramp is on your right after Nashawena St. Limited dock parking, daytime parking in a dirt lot on the east side of the railroad tracks on Old Dock Road. No unattached trailers. No trailer parking at the ramp or on the town dock. (Town Ramp)

***NOTE: Overnight parking is only available at the White’s Landing Parking Lot.***

***Attached trailers only; unattached trailer or trailers parked without

affixed registration plates are subject to immediate tow and removal***

revised 8/08